IB Physics is more manageable now, thanks to my tutor. I am glad I used the Edupoint.  
I have hired a tutor for Statistics from Edupoint. Stats is not that painful anymore.  
I have been with Edupoint for the last 4 years for tuition for my 3 children. They have always worked hard to select a good tutor. They are always ready to listen and understand.  
Mr. Lim
My daughter is finally comfortable in a Singapore school after our return from Australia. This is mainly due to a tutor helping her to organise her learning. Thanks Edupoint.  
James C
My tutor from Edupoint has been with my son from Primary 4 to Primary 6. He is in Sec 1 now and I just got another tutor for Sec 1 Math.  
Choa Chu Kang
My sincere thanks to Edupoint for helping me to get a tutor for my child. The tutor, Belinda, is a great help to Emily, my 8 year old. They are best friends now.  
Ang Mo Kio
My son took Edupoint online course for AEIS preparation. We saved money as he could prepare while still in Beijing. (translated)
Mdm Liu
The English tutor has helped me improve my command of English and now my marks for Composition has improved by 2 grades.
Siew Ting
Temasek Secondary
Edupoint arranged for my son to have AEIS tuition when he was still in Jakarta. The online tuition using their platform was effective. My son in Jakarta was taught by an ex Singapore school teacher currently in Canada. Well done to Edupoint.
Mr Alif
Thank you Edupoint for helping me to find a good tutor for Circuit Analysis in Year 1. The tutor is still helping me in Year 3.  
I thought it would be hard to get a good tutor but Edupoint made the process very easy. The coordinator Michelle listened to my requirements and selected a very good tutor. I am very happy now.  
Thank you Edupoint for the tutor Jamie. My daughter does not hate Maths anymore.  
My Econs tutor from Edupoint, Mr Lim, is a really helpful tutor. His dedication and patience not only allowed me to improve my grade but also helped me to appreciate the subject  
Getting a home tutor with Edupoint is so convenient, I booked a tutor when I was on the MRT!  
October 15, 2016

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