Primary School Tuition

Primary School Tuition

Primary School represents the start of “formal schooling”. Students can expect to stay in school for anywhere between 15 to 20 years from this point onwards. It is therefore critical to recognize Primary School to be the formative years. A good foundation in learning skills together with a growing passion for learning is essential for academic success in the PSLE. We provide Primary School Tuition to help students on the first leg of their academic journey. Leave us a message & we can get started!

Why Primary School Tuition?

The first two years of Primary School adopts a “learning through play” approach. Here the focus is on providing the young students a way to enjoy learning. It might appear fun but there is still homework & tests.

Students might experience early signs of not being able cope or even appear disinterested in school. It is at this point that some extra attention needs to be directed to help the child make a successful transition. A private home tutor is a great fit in this situation.

A Private Home Tutor will provide constant guidance & ensure that the student stays on top of the school work. It is common to see Primary School students having a hefty load of assigned homework. A private tutor, in this case, is often considered to be indispensable.

Let us know your tuition needs & we will assign a suitable tutor to help you to help your child. The best time to get started is now! PSLE Tuition is essential for success.

Primary School Subjects



English Foundation

Math Foundation



Science Foundation

Higher Chinese



HIgher Malay

Higher Tamil

Our Primary School Tutors

We have a large pool of Undergraduates, Graduates, Ex & Current School Teachers ready to help your child succeed in English, Math, Science, Chinese, Malay & Tamil. Primary School Tutors have the additional skill of being able to relate to young children & forge a bond. A positive connection is essential for the effective learning to take place.

Our tutors are capable, dedicated & patient. They understand that care and concern is paramount in teaching young children. Look no further, your child will excel with a Edupoint Home Tutor.

Talk to us for Primary School Tuition

Finally, the right tutor is one that understands the learning needs of the student. We have many tutors that fits this requirement. We need your input before we suggest suitable tutors. The more information we have, the easier it would be to provide a list of suitable tutors. Complete the Request a Quote form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. We will then start a conversation to help us better understand your needs. After that, you should be able to commence Home Tuition immediately.

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