Secondary School Tuition

The transition to Secondary School is almost always marked the increase in the number of academic subjects & a deeper commitment to CCA. Secondary School Tuition is always helpful as the subjects are varied & covered to a certain depth. Secondary 1 is especially important as some students might need added help to assimilate effectively into the rigours of secondary school. Secondary 3 & 4 prepares students for the subject content that would be examined in the major exams at the end of Secondary 4 (N Level & O Level). It should be easy to see that some academic assistance in the form of home tuition would welcomed by many students.

We have tutors for Secondary School ready to help students progress academically. Leave us a message & our tuition coordinators will arrange the best tutor for all your tuition needs!

Why Secondary School Tuition?

Secondary school students are young teenagers having to cope with the pressures of “growing up” bundled together with a heavy workload in school. It is little wonder that many secondary school students have a home tutor for at least one or two subjects.

Secondary School subjects are covered in depth and there is a breadth of varied material across all the subjects. This means that most students would have a set of “weaker” subjects. It is highly recommended that home tuition be planned for these subjects

Tutors for subjects in Secondary School are normally Undergraduates, Graduates or School Teachers. They are Subject Specialists in their own right as they only teach one or two subjects.

Let us know your tuition needs & we will assign a suitable tutor to help you to help your child. The best time to get started is now!

Secondary School Subjects



Social Studies




Math Elementary



Math Additional

Higher Chinese



Higher Malay

Business Studies


Higher Tamil



Design & Technology


Principles of Accounts

Our Secondary School Tutors

Edupoint has a select set of experienced tutors who teach at Secondary levels. All of them have a deep understanding of the respective material. Many of them also pursue similar subjects at the University level. You can thus be assured of the competency of the Edupoint Tutor.

Our tutors are capable, dedicated & patient. They will guide their students to effectively build knowledge & succeed. Look no further, your student will excel with a Edupoint Home Tutor.

Talk to us for Secondary School Tuition

Finally, the right tutor is one that understands the learning needs of the student. We have many tutors that fits this requirement. We need your input before we suggest suitable tutors. The more information we have, the easier it would be to provide a list of suitable tutors. Complete the Request a Quote form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. We will then start a conversation to help us better understand your needs. After that, you should be able to commence Home Tuition immediately.

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