Singapore Private Tuition

Generally, the number of students in each classroom in schools tends to be larger.  This may not be beneficial to students. A teacher at school may not be able to devote a lot of time to one struggling student. Teachers are also required to follow a curriculum planned for the academic year and they have to keep up with the teaching pace in order to complete the syllabus. Not all students will be able to fit the teaching pace. Some students will be able to learn quicker than others. While others may need some time to absorb and assimilate the content. The weak student may be unable to follow the pace of the lesson and may fall behind by a lot. This will evidently demotivate the student. The student will lose interest in academics and will be highly distracted during lessons. Eventually, they will not be able to perform well in academics due to the lack of personalised teaching time. This is where private tuition lessons come in handy. Private coaching and tuition is a great idea because you get personalised help and tuition that goes at exactly the student’s speed with work catered to match the student’s needs. The tutors are able to customise their teaching methods and curriculum based on their tutees needs and weaknesses. The tutors will be able to also teach the subject to make it more relevant and applicable. This will deepen the student’s understanding and spark an interest for the subject. Additionally, tutors can prepare more worksheets and mock tests to prepare the students for their exams. The tutors will then be able to focus on the student’s weaknesses and also give them tips and strategies to approach a particular question. The tutee will be more prepared, less stressed and more confident during exams. Furthermore, parents have the freedom to choose the tutor that they deem suitable for their children. This is not quite possible in schools. Students tend to do better in academics when they really like the teacher and their teaching methods. Private Tuition or Online Tuition would also mean less distractions. The student will be able to focus 100% and absorb the content of the subject maximally. Shy students will have more confidence to ask questions during one-on-one tuition. They will be less afraid of making mistakes. This will definitely enhance their learning experience. Over time, the student will be able to develop a strong interest in academics and also be able to clarify their doubts with their tutors.  Not only will they be able to pick up the pace in school but also become active participants during lessons. Students benefiting from private tuition lessons will be able to get better grades at school. The confidence they gain from attaining complete clarity in the subject will be a positive reinforcement and a boost to their self esteem.