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Quality of Private Home Tutors: How to ensure academic success

Edupoint offers home tuition in Singapore to help your child not only to cope with school but also to excel! Our academically qualified and dedicated home tutors are ready to help your child succeed in all subjects. We have a large pool of experienced part time tutors, full time tutors, undergraduates, graduates, school teachers and ex school teachers that can cater to your tuition requirements for Primary, Secondary, JC, IP, IB and Poly. Edupoint caters to students in both Singapore and International School system.

Affordability is on everyone’s mind when it comes to deciding on a private home tutor. It is imperative to state that going “cheap” is never the best strategy. While we strive to provide reasonable fees, the final decision to accept or decline a home tuition assignment rests with the tutor. Qualified tutors with many years of tutoring experience will generally command a higher fee compared to a tutor with basic qualification & limited experience. In this article, we will illustrate the various home tutor categories, their strengths, limitations& how they can each help your child succeed.

Current School Teachers

Current School Teachers with Edupoint are intimately connected with the school system and therefore provide the best choice for a home tutor. They are well-versed in the current syllabi& the latest teaching pedagogy. They are trained to interact, mentor & guide students academically & beyond. It is common to hear adults talk fondly about a certain school teacher that had greatly shaped their lives. It is little wonder that Current School Teachers are the pinnacle in the hierarchy of private home tutors. Their rates for home tuition are higher than the other tutor categories but they are well worth the cost paid. You can be confident that your child will see academic progress within a short time with regular home tuition sessions.

Ex School Teachers

Edupoint’s Ex School Teachers provide quality tuition that is not only effective but also affordable. These ex school teachers have had many years of experience teaching in Singapore schools. Since leaving the teaching service, they have much more free time and scheduling a lesson with an ex school teachers has room for much flexibility. Teaching is a skill that does not perish easily so engaging an ex school teacher gives you a wealth of teaching effectiveness, experience & flexibility.


Graduate tutors with Edupoint have bachelors, masters & PhD degrees from local or overseas universities. Graduates have a subject mastery as many of them tutor in subjects that they have read in university. This makes tuition with Edupoint graduate tutors very effective. Graduate tutors handle subjects in Primary, Secondary, JC/IP/IB, International Schools, Polytechnic& University.


Undergraduate tutors are still pursuing a degree at a local university. These tutors have subject mastery and the advantage of youth. They are able to relate to the students due to the not so large age difference. They exhibit the enthusiastic energy of youth & are routinely requested to tutor younger students, taking on the role of an older “brother” or “sister”. Home tuition with undergraduate tutors makes tuition more “fun” & students generally look forward to home tuition sessions.

Full Time tutors

Fulltime tutors have a great wealth of experience in tutoring. These tutors have taken private tuition as their fulltime employment teaching up to 6-8 hours every day. Fulltime tutors are able to accommodate tuition schedules that involve mornings and early afternoons. They have perfected their teaching skills over years of interactionswith many students spanning a spectrum of academic abilities.Fulltime tutors do not form a large part of the tutoring fraternity & therefore their rates are generally higher.

Specialist tutors

Specialist tutors only tutor one or at most 2 subjects. Their subject expertise is honed from teaching only certain subjects over years. Specialist tutors are recommended for students who struggle with basic concepts. Highly able students too can benefit from their interaction with specialist tutors who share deep appreciation of the subject. You can expect specialist tutors to charge a higher rate that a graduate tutor but you can be rest assured that the cost increase will come with much benefit to the academic progress of the student.

We hope this article has been of some help in your search for a home tutor. If you need any further assistance or clarification, kindly contact our tuition service coordinators. They are ready to handle all your home tuition needs from pre-selecting tutors based on your tuition needs to scheduling the first home tuition lesson.