Home Tuition

Home Tuition is personal 1 to 1 tutoring where a tutor is assigned to one student in a sitting.

The undivided attention of the tutor is directed to the learning needs of a single student. The lessons are specifically tailored to address both the strengths and areas for improvement of a particular student. This is the best way to learn as there many opportunities for the student to raise his/her concerns on the subject matter and seek clarification.

The tutor in the Home Tuition setting is tuned to the learning difficulties of the student and will adapt appropriate teaching approaches to best suit that student. An individual learning plan is designed, taking into account the student’s current standing in the subject material and a course charted to bring about improved proficiency.

The close learning engagement between tutor & student will generally result in improved academic performance. It is therefore important to get a competent and reliable Home Tutor. At Edupoint, you can be assured of competency, commitment & concern.

We provide Home Tuition for:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • AEIS Preparation
  • JC/IP/IB
  • ITE/Poly
  • University
  • International Schools

We have the following categories of Home Tutors

  • Diploma Holders
  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Subject Specialists
  • Ex-School Teachers
  • Current School Teachers
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