Online Tuition Services

Edupoint Online Tuition Services provides the ease of learning via the internet. Our user friendly online learning portal enables even students in Primary levels to learn effectively.

Online tuition Services bring students and tutor together without the need to share the same geographical location. This mode of learning removes travel time & inconvenience which means that you can learn from a very experienced tutor even if you are located across the island or even a different country.

Edupoint has been conducting online tuition sessions since 2014 with students in Singapore, Indonesia, China & Mauritius and with our online subject experts located in Singapore, Canada, Australia & the United States. Our Online Tutors are located In Singapore, Canada, India, Europe & the United States.

With our pool of Online Tutors worldwide, you can find an Online Tutor best suited for your learning needs. For example, if you need a tutor for French, we can probably find you a French tutor from Montreal, Canada!

All you need to start online learning is a computer with internet connection, headset and mic. Our learning platform is a virtual classroom complete with a whiteboard that has user read/write capability.

Embrace the future of learning with Edupoint Online Tuition Services

Benefits of Online Tuition

  • Convenient: There is no need to host a tutor
  • Affordable
  • Learn from experts without considering geographical location
  • Online learning will be a mainstay for future education. Get started early.

Edupoint conducts Online Tuition for:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • AEIS Preparation
  • JC/IP/IB
  • ITE/Poly
  • University
  • International Schools

Our Online Tutors

Our Online Tutors are a select group of individuals that have experience in conducting online courses for students in Singapore & beyond. They are dedicated, qualified & results driven. The online nature of learning requires a tutor that can “connect” with the student even though the student & tutor are not in the same physical location.

The benefits of online tuition primarily centres around the student & tutor not sharing the same physical space. Now you can engage the the most suitable tutor without considering travel distance. The other benefit comes from a public health perspective. Online Tuition is currently highly recommended given the general global heath situation.

We have the following categories of Online Tutors:

  • Diploma Holders
  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Subject Specialists
  • Ex School Teachers
  • Current School Teachers

Talk to us for Online Tuition

Talk to us & we can decide on the right Online Tutor for your learning needs. We understand that choosing the right tutor can be a complex process. Our tuition coordinators will help you every step of the way. Just complete the form below & you can get started on the path towards academic success!

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