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Edupoint SG is a leader in the tuition industry and has been so for the past 25 years. We have built a reputation based on trust & confidence with all our partners.

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We would recommend our tutors to subscribe to our push notifications. You will receive notifications on your brower when you go online. You will no longer miss any good deals!

Large Client Base

Our number of Clients is growing rapidly. Tutors can be assured of an enviable amount of prized assignments


We consider our educators to be the frontline of Edupoint SG. A sense of partnership is evident in our dealings with our tutors.

Featured Profile

You can have your profile featured on our Tutor Listing. Client will use the details presented to assess suitability.

Data Privacy

Personal Details like Name, Mobile & Email will not be displayed in the Tutor Listing. These are only revealed during a successful booking.

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We would recommend our tutors to upload a personal image. If tutors are concerned, then please upload any other image (e.g a scenery)

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General Questions

How much commision do you charge?

We charge 50% of the tuition fee payable for the first full 4 weeks of tuition. The commision is a one-time payment.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Please go through here. Terms & Conditions

How long do I have to wait to get assignments?

Your profile (if uploaded) will give Clients a detailed view of your tutoring potential. The client will let us know if they find you suitable. We will then contact you with the tuition details.

You can accept or reject the assignments offered.

How do I get more assignments?

Good question.

Our Tuition Specialists are constantly working hard to get new students. We support each of our customers and help them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you. In order to retain our clients and to get more referrals, we strive to provide valuable service. Thats our promise to you.

When we get more students, you will have more assignments.

So…. tell others about us!

How do I get well-paid assignments?

Assignments that are highly paid have strict requirements for qualification, tutoring experience and/or tutoring subjects. These client also have high expectations.

How long do I have to keep an assignment?

We recommend that tutors consider the needs of the student first. If you really need to “drop” an assignment, please Contact Us at least 2-weeks before your intended departure date. We will then find a suitable replacement. This will ensure that the student’s learning is not affected.

Is it normally cheaper for Online Tuition?

Online Tuition does not require the tutor to travel. This means the tutor saves money & time. You can expect Online Tuition to pay a rate that is slightly less than that for Home Tuition.

Must I prepare materials for tuition?

We always recommend tutors prepare & bring along some materials for the first tuition lesson. The tutor will then assess the student & either use the existing materials or recommend the student to purchase some material.

How do i subscribe to push Notification?

When you are on our site, www.Edupoint.SG, you will be prompted to subscribe and give us permission to send you notification on your browser when you go online

Can i unsubscribe later?

Yes you can, however, we will miss you. We are confident the feeling will be mutual for sure

Do i need to go to Edupoint SG in order to receive notification

In order to receive our push notification, you will only need to open your browser.

Why should i subscribe

There are many reasons why you should subscribe. Subscribe and find out for yourself!

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