AEIS Preparation

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Edupoint conducts AEIS Preparation tuition for students intending to sit for the AEIS tests for entry into Singapore mainstream schools. The AEIS test consists of English & Math components. These tests will assess the students’ competency in line with local Singapore school standards.

AEIS Preparation

Edupoint AEIS Specialist tutors are well-versed in the requirements and rigours of the Singapore education system. As a result, they are able to assist students not only to meet the mark but excel in the AEIS tests.

Edupoint also conducts an Online AEIS Preparation programme for students that are still in their home country. We have been conducting these sessions for students in China, Indonesia & Mauritius since 2014. Our former AEIS students are now in Singapore schools and have adapted well to the local education system.

Our AEIS Specialist Tutors

Edupoint AEIS Specialist tutors are a special group of tutors that have extensive experience preparing international students for the AEIS tests.

International students come from diverse education systems. A tailored approach is required to ensure that each student succcesfully bridges the learning “gap”. This results in a high pass rate in the AEIS tests.

Edupoint AEIS Specialist tutors conduct AEIS Preparation courses either as Home Tuition or Online Tuition. For students currently in Singapore, both Home Tuition & Online Tuition is possible. In addition, students still in their home countries can learn conveniently with Online Tuition.

Our AEIS Specialist tutors understand the learning needs of international students. as a result, they will take into account the “starting point” of an individual student. Finally, a tailored learning programme is designed that best prepares them for the AEIS tests.

Edupoint has the following categories of tutor for AEIS Private Tuition

  • Diploma Holders
  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • AEIS Specialists
  • Ex-School Teachers
  • School Teachers

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