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AEIS Preparatory

Edupoint Tuition Agency Singapore provides an AEIS Preparatory Course for Foreign Students seeking placement in Singapore mainstream schools. Edupoint has qualified Singaporean AEIS Specialist tutors. They are ready to help you to succeed!

AEIS Online

Edupoint also conducts the Preparation Course online. The course is conducted using the power of video conferencing over the internet. Students in countries outside of Singapore connect with our Singaporean Specialists while still in their home country.


Edupoint Specialist tutors are available for 1 to 1 home tuition. The personal attention from the tutor will help the student bridge any knowledge gaps. Similarly, this ensures that the student is ready to excel in the tests & be prepared for the challenges.

Why Choose Edupoint SG?

The answer is simple. Edupoint SG has successfully placed many students in our local mainstream schools. Our AEIS Specialists design lessons that help international students bridge the gap between our local MOE education systems and the education systems in their home countries. International students will be put through intensive curriculums and prepared for admission into Singapore Government Schools.

The AEIS examination is very competitive with so many foreigners fighting for a limited number of spots. Edupoint SG AEIS Specialists will assist and prepare the students for AEIS examination. With our AEIS tuition, your chances and your AEIS examination scores will definitely be boosted. Taking AEIS tuition will prepare your child sufficiently for the examination and increase their chances of being enrolled into a local government school.

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