Home Tuition Services

Home Tuition

Home Tuition Services is personal one to one tutoring where a tutor is assigned to one student in a sitting.

Home tutors have undivided attention which is directed to the learning needs of a single student. The lessons are specifically tailored to address the strengths and areas for improvement. Therefore, there many opportunities for the student to raise questions on the subject matter and seek answers.

The Home Tuition Services setting is tuned to the learning difficulties of the student. The tutor will adapt the teaching style to best suit that student. Finally, an individual learning plan is designed for each student. This takes into account the student’s current standing in the subject material. After that, a course is charted for academic success.

In Home tuition, tutor & student have a close learning engagement. Therefore, this will result in improved performance in school. It is therefore important to get a competent and reliable Home Tutor. At Edupoint, best Home Tuition Agency, you can be assured of competency, commitment & concern.

We provide Home Tuition for:

  • Primary
  • PSLE Tuition
  • Secondary
  • N Level, O Level Tuition
  • AEIS Preparation
  • JC/IP/IB
  • A Level Tuition
  • ITE/Poly
  • University
  • International Schools

Our Tutors for Home Tuition

We have a select pool of Home Tutors ready to help your child succeed in school. They are qualified, capable & dedicated. In addition, they can create learning chemistry for success! A good tutor will always listen to a student’s concerns. These are then taken into account in the design of a lesson.

Home Tutors have subject mastery, therefore, they are able to transfer skills to their students. These skills are then used to effectively build knowledge. This is the best way to learn and achieve! Get to know our tutors and will see a difference. Leave us a short message & start academic success!

We have the following categories of Home Tutors

  • Diploma Holders
  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Subject Specialists
  • Ex-School Teachers
  • Current School Teachers

You might have a little difficulty when it comes to choosing the right category of tutor. However, it would be helpful to note that good tutors normally charge slightly higher rates. You cannot get a good and cheap tutor. Market forces do play a part here, therefore, figure out a budget as a starting point. We can then provide you with a selection of tutors.

home tuition

School Teachers and Specialist Tutors have the home tuition rates. This is not surprising because they have excellent academic qualifications, experience and track record.

Specialist Tutors only tutor one or two subjects. They have well developed subject skills over many years of tutoring. If you need quick progress, then a Specialist Tutor is what you need. Similarly, School Teachers have the best training and have the required experience.

Talk to us for Home Tuition

Finally, the right tutor is one that understands the learning needs of the student. We have many tutors that fits this requirement. We need your input before we suggest suitable tutors. The more information we have, the easier it would be to provide a list of suitable tutors. Complete the Request a Quote form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. We will then start a conversation to help us better understand your needs. After that, you should be able to commence Home Tuition immediately.