A levels Home Tuition

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A levels home tuition

A levels Home Tuition

Excelling in GCE A Levels can be a tough challenge, but it’s definitely achievable with the right attitude and approach. The A Levels is the culmination of a 12 years of formal study in the Singapore education system. Students seek admission into a 2-year Junior College Programme or a 3-year Pre-University Programme after Secondary School. Students in the Integrated Programme sit for the A Levels at the end of Year 6. Currently the 3-year Pre-University programme is only available at Millennia Institute. All students sit for the same exam & the preparation for the A Level is just as intense in all schools.

The 2-year Junior College or JC Programme is well known for its intensity. Students are posted to a college in early February & all subject syllabi has a target completion date of end May or early June the following year. The active “learning” period is more like 18 months with the remaining months before the exams in early November is devoted to topical reviews & mock exams.

It is common for A Level students to engage Singapore Tuition Teachers through a Home Tuition Agency Singapore. A home tutor will provide the support structure needed for students to stay current with the subject material. Do not allow any queries & misconceptions to fester, it will only be harder to correct these over time. A home tutor will address learning gaps immediately when they occur and offer insights on how to approach any topic of concern. Effective study & exam techniques are shared that will come in handy during the all-important exam season. It is well worth the time & money to have a private tutor. The Private Tuition Singapore Cost varies with the qualification & experience of the home tutor.

All A level subjects are challenging & students commonly seek the services of a Best Private Tutor for the following subjects:

  • A Level GP
  • A Level Math
  • A Level Further Math
  • A Level Physics
  • A Level Chemistry
  • A Level Biology
  • A Level Economics
  • A Level History
  • A Level Geography
  • A Level Literature

1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore is common with students preparing for the A Levels. The constant academic support of Private Tuition will help the struggling student cope & then excel in a matter of time. Call the #1 Tuition Agency Singapore to engage the Best Tutors Singapore. If you are concerned about Home Tuition Fees, do not worry, there will a tutor to fit every budget. If you need help on How to Find Private Tutors, you can approach any Private Tuition Agency Singapore.

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