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What is General Paper?

General Paper (GP) takes students on a journey that goes beyond the accumulation of current affairs knowledge. It is essentially a study of the complex world that we inhabit and through it, aims to develop in students a keen, critical eye with which to view the world. General Paper encourages students to explore a range of key issues of global and local significance and provides students with a good foundation to thrive in a fast-changing world. The syllabus and examination are intended to underscore maturity of thought, independent thinking and the proficient use of language.

General Paper is a challenge to for some students because they are uncertain how to write & express ideas effectively. Although GP is a H1 subject, it is often used by university admissions officers as an indicator of a student’s ability to cope with academic rigour and engage in interdisciplinary thinking

Excel in General Paper

This syllabus builds learners’ ability to understand and write in English through the study of a broad range of contemporary topics. They will analyse opinions and ideas and learn how to construct an argument. This syllabus develops highly transferrable skills for example,how to develop arguments and present reasoned explanations.

Mastering General Paper does not come easy. It takes persistence, time & effort to be dedicated towards learning. To assist in developing a deep understanding of GP, you should consider enrolling in a quality 1 to 1 General Paper Tuition. The Best GP Tuition is available at Affordable Fees. The #1 Tuition Agency Singapore can assist you in this.

Difficulties faced by students

Achieving good grades in General Paper requires more than just memorizing topics and trying to use them effectively. It also requires understanding of basic principles, critical thinking, and writing skills. A good foundation in English is the key to building General Paper Success. With hard work, it can be achieved.

In Singapore, there are many reputable General Paper Private Tutors that offer A Level General Paper. These Specialist Tutors have the pre-requisite knowledge and skills to impart the right techniques to learn & succeed. We have the right Home Tutor for you. Let us know & we can work together to help you to excel in General Paper.

Onward to Success

To assist a student who is struggling to cope with General Paper, it is best to engage a capable Home Tutor. The face to face personal interaction cannot be replicated even in our excellent schools administered by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The individual nature of Home Tuition promotes the best possible learning outcomes

Large classes leave many students unable to cope or even follow challenging subject content. The sole classroom teacher cannot always direct the required attention to about 20 students. The Best Tuition Agency Singapore will be able to find you an effective Private Tutor to fill in all the learning gaps in General Paper.

Discover Areas for Improvement

Tutor will assess student’s current state of subject proficiency. Strengths and areas for improvement are identified.

Devise Suitable Learning Plan

A tailored learning plan is designed. This will take into account student’s current academic stage & project it to the medium term.

Meld Learning & Understanding

Understanding is the key to academic success. Tutor will continuously monitor students’ level of proficiency.

Assess Student’s Continual Progress

Measurement ensures efficacy of the learning plan. Homework will consistently provide for active feedback

Target Points of Assessment

School-based Continual Assessment (CA) & Semestral Assessment (SA) will form target points for grade analysis.

Communication with Parents

Effective communication with parents. This holds the key to overall student well-being with academic success merely a component.

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Why is GP tuition so popular in Singapore?

Achieving good grades in GPrequires more than just memorizing classifications & processes. It also requires understanding of basic principles, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Each level of GP requires knowledge acquired in all prior levels. Building a good foundation is the key to Success in GP.

To assist a student who is struggling to cope with GP, it is best to include GP tuition as a learning support structure . The individual nature of Home Tuition promotes the best possible learning outcomes, hence its popularity!

How much does tuition cost in Singapore?

If you are concerned about Home Tuition Fees, do not worry, there will a tutor to fit every budget. If you need help on How to Find Private Tutors, you can approach Edupoint SG for the best tutor at affordable rates. The rates for our experienced tutors range from $40/hr to $150/hr.

How much is A Level GP tuition rate in Singapore?

A Level GP tuition rate in Singapore ranges from $60/hr for Undergraduate tutors to $150/hr for Current JC Lecturers. We are confident that we can find you the best tutor to fit your budget.

Why do we have the best GP tuition in Singapore?

We understand the rigours of the GP curriculum at all levels. Our in-house tuition counsellors take charge of prescribing the best tuition options that suit the students’ current academic requirements. Our tuition counsellors are all ex-school teachers who have been in the education service for more than 10 years.

What is affordable GP tuition in Singapore?

Our GP tutors are normally Undergraduates and Graduates. They have the experience and they provide affordable GPTuition in Singapore. We also have Ex & Current School Teachers who form the top tier in GP Tuition, their rates are marginally higher. Current School Teachers are in very high demand as they are very well-versed in the current syallabi and have access to top notch learning materials.

What are the strategies to score distinction for GP?

Excelling in exams always starts with building a good foundation in GP. Consistent work throughout the academic year is a primary requirement. A capable Home Tutor with a tailored learning plan helps to bridge the gaps in understanding that would occur from time to time. Timely intervention is important and a last minute crash course does rarely help.

The strategies to score distinctions for GP is simple.

  1. Start Early
  2. Stay abreast of subject content
  3. Enagage a tutor to be a learning partner
  4. Practice, Practice & more Practice
How much is online tuition in Singapore?

Online tuition is popular as it allows the student to learn from the best tutor without geographical restrictions. Many experienced tutors only accept students within certain areas in Singapore. Online Tuition gives you unfettered access to these capable tutors.

Since there is no travel required, the rate for Online Tuition will generally be S10hr lower than that for Home Tuition.

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