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How to Excel in the Singapore Public Schools?

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The Singapore public school system offers a world-class education to its students. The system comprises of 12 years of formal education, starting from primary school all the way through to junior college or polytechnic. The Singapore education system is well-known for its high PISA ranking amongst OECD countries. There are also a large number of international students that compete for admission to Singapore public schools. The AEIS tests administered by the Ministry of Education, Singapore ensures that these international students are adequately prepared in English & Math prior to admission.
The Singapore public school system is known for its challenging academic rigour and heavy focus on tests and exams. Major exams include the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), the GCE Ordinary Level (GCE O Level) and the GCE Advanced Level (GCE A Level). These single-point of assessments are of high stakes & determine the students’ level of entry into the next stage of schooling. Both parents & students experience high stress levels just before major exams as it is well understood that the competition for popular schools & courses is very stiff.
The Ministry of Education (MOE) provides a wide range of pathways to maximise the learning potential of students at every level. Special programmes like the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), the Integrated Programme (IP) and the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) ensures that the strength of students are determined early & more resources are directed optimally. These programmes are very competitive as they only accept a small number of students every year.
In order to excel in the Singapore public school system, students need to be able to cope & excel in the demanding subject material consistently. Leaving subjects “unattended” for long periods of time only to “crack it” just before exams will normally spell disaster. Most students will need some form of learning support outside of school to ensure that they stay current in pace of study. Private Tuition is one such scaffold that can adequately support the student. This only works if tuition is in place at the first sign of difficulty. Looking for a private tutor just before the exams at the lowest rate is not a wise move. If you can plan your year-end holidays as early as in March surely your child’s academic well-being should have a higher priority!
International students coming from the region need special preparation just to excel in the AEIS tests. It is recommended that an AEIS Preparation Course is taken at least 3 months prior to the test date. The course duration should be longer for students that do not come from a predominantly English-speaking environment. The AEIS course is normally run with an AEIS Specialist Tutor who acts as a private home tutor if the student is in Singapore. For students still in their home countries, the course is conducted as Online Tuition.
Once a student starts formal schooling at the age of seven, “learning with play” quickly transitions to just learning. Though the first few years are light on exams, schools regularly conduct many points of assessments to judge proficiency in learning & the ability to learn. School will only get more challenging with time. The key is to be prepared & stay prepared. Excelling in the public school system is only possible with dedication and hard work.

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