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The Interntional Baccalaureate school system is widely used in the world. The academic rigour and comprehensive syllabi makes th IB school system very popular. IB Tuition is a valuable partner in IB success. Leave us a short message & we can get started.

Why IB Tuition

IB Tuition

Building knowledge is the foundation of the IB Programme. Students learn how to actively build knowledge that best suits them. Students learn using different pathways. This means that a one size fits all instructional approach would not work well.

We recognize that it is important for students to have some assistance during their study. IB Tuition ensures that the student always stays on task. A private tutor is the right person for this task.

The upper years of the IB Programme can be very challenging. Students have to grasp complex concepts in various subjects. Projects add an interesting dimension of learning which is not always simple. Therefore, it is crucial for many students to have support outside of school. A private tutor becomes an important partner in learning because of the skills transferred from tutor to student. This adds to the knowledge gained in school.

Finally, exam skills is another important feature that private tutors offer. Moreover, upper year IB exams require time management skills. As a result, an IB Tutor becomes indispensible. Ff you are looking, for example, to hiring a Math tuition teacher, a Physics tuition teacher or a Chemistry Tuition teacher, we are your trusted partner.

IB Tuition

IB Subjects

English SL/HL

Chinese SL/HL

Mathematics SL/HL

Computer Science SL

Physics SL/HL

Geography SL/HL

Biology SL/HL

History SL/HL

Chemistry SL/HL

Literature SL/HL

Economics SL/HL

Management  Business SL/HL

Our IB Tutors

Our IB Tutors are a special pool of experts because they have many years of experience with the IB programme. They are capable, dedicated & results driven. In addition, they understand the nature of the academic programme. This will help the student to improve and finally excel in exams.

IB Subject Specialist tutors form the most popular group. Subject Specialists only teach 1 or 2 subjects. Therefore, they have deep knowledge in the subjects. This would be beneficial to students seeking to make quick progress.

We have the following IB Tutors

  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Subject Specialists
  • Ex School Teachers
  • Current School Teachers

IB Tutors know what it takes to ensure success. In addition, the combination of subject mastery and teaching skills aids learning. IB students would benefit with private IB Tutors.

We cater to both IB Home Tuition and IB Online Tuition. Home Tuition involves fact to face instruction. Online Tuition is conducted through an online learning portal. Whatever your learning preference, we have the right tutor for you! Talk to us, let us know your IB tuition needs and we will arrange the right tutor for you. In conclusion, the best time to start is now.

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Finally, the right tutor is one that understands the learning needs of the student. We have many tutors that fits this requirement. We need your input before we suggest suitable tutors. The more information we have, the easier it would be to provide a list of suitable tutors. Complete the Request a Quote form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. We will then start a conversation to help us better understand your needs. After that, you should be able to commence Home Tuition immediately.

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