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As a student who once struggled in math, I am able to relate to students who are currently poor in math, from primary school uptill lower secondary, I have been failing math all the way. That is when I met a passionate tutor who did not gave up on me like my school teachers did, he made me realise that math is so much more than just simply numbers. the following year mid year exams I managed to score 97/100 as compared to the previous year of 27/100. I have went through JC H2 math as well as Polytechnic math modules scoring As and distinction. all I need is a chance to be the passionate tutor like my tutor did, I cannot guarantee an A like what other tutors do because I simply cannot promise you something I have yet started in, but I assure you I will do my very best to deliver you the results. NA NT or E, there is no difference in ones capabilities. My O level grade for E math was B3, but all along i was one of the top 3 across the cohort, can fact check with me. My Polytechnic math modules of which A math nature are all A, with one being distinction. I have previously tutored O level students for Emath with the prior grades being C and thereafter at least a B3 for O level results. I am able to provide materials for E math, for some of the topics. As for chinese, i am unable to do so but i firmly believe that the school’s resources are enough for your child to get an A with my help. You can give me a try for a day, and if that 1.5 hour seems like a waste of time, you can always hire someone else to do it. My passion lies in Mathematics, from primary school till lower secondary, i have never passed Mathematics, but i met a teacher of passion, and pulled my grades to top 2 in chort within a year. Your child can achieve it too
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