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I have been teaching P3 to P6 math n science dual subjects yearly for 18 years as a tutor n 10 years as a certified MOE/NIE Trained teacher. Specialise in PSLE qns as I mark PSLE papers yearly. I specialise in p3-P6 Math n Science so I am v familiar with the exam qns and how to answer them to get the marks, thus I can teach PSLE students to prepare them well on answering techniques .I had taught a student from Sembawang neighbouring school that manage to go to Hwa Chong n a student that go into DSA school in Anglican High. Taught students with a barely passing marks in sci n math who manage to pass PSLE with AL2 or AL3. Taught students from Ai Tong, Pei Chun, CHIJ before n many students who fail but manage to go to express stream after PSLE. Too many gd examples. Try to experience the real teaching.
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