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Tutoring Portfolio Name: Ang Shufen Irene (Full Time) Tutor: Full Time Tutor Citizenship: Singapore Citizen Age: 40 Gender: Female Race: Chinese Schools Attended: CHIJ – Our Lady of Good Counsel, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, National University of Singapore (FASS) Highest Qualification: National University of Singapore – Faculty of Arts & Social Science, Majoring in Social Work & Psychology Relevant Teaching Experience: Relief Teaching – MOE School (1 year) teaching English, Maths, Science, Music, GEP students, International Students, Adult English Private Tutoring (Home Based One to One Tuition & Group Tuition) – At least 7 years teaching English, Chinese, Maths, Science, as well as P3 GEP Maths & P5 GEP (English) Details of experience/Methodology: creatively encourage kids to promote a keen interest in learning and to enjoy the learning process, while motivating them to develop a keen interest in the subjects. Teach students by relating and taking reference to real life situations (if applicable) so that it would be easier for them to understand and develop an interest Reasons why parents should select me: I am patient and caring and understand the needs of your child (would find out learning objectives and expectations of parents prior) and adopt creative methodologies to develop an interest in learning. I take a special interest in nurturing the young and youths of Singapore and promote lifelong learning. I would reward and give adequate praise to my students if they do show significant improvements over time. If they are slow, I would motivate them and provide feedback so that they would be encouraged to strive on (leveraging on positive reinforcements based on psychology terms) Expected rate: $60 to $120/hr (physical)
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