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🔻 Education Level: Post Graduate Diploma in Education , MOE Certified (NIE, Singapore); Master’s in International and Comparative Education (Stockholm University, Sweden); Bachelor’s Degree in Arts & Social Sciences (NUS, Singapore) 🔻 Occupation: MOE teacher (11 years and counting) ; Prior that I was a Teacher in Stockholm, Sweden (5 Years) . Total of 16 years of formal teaching years in educational institutions 🔻 Teaching approach: My belief is that everyone is unique and there isn’t ‘a one size fits all’ way to teach any individual. Yet, it does take an educator with passion to spark one’s curiousity in a subject through the way it is being taught, which I believe to be a combination of the learner style and tutor engagement. I also believe in making my subject highly relevant to the learner such that it would make sense to him/her beyond the academia. Knowledge and skills learnt should be applicable in the real world contexts regardless the content matter of the subject. 🔻 Teaching & tutor related Experiences: – 19 years private tutoring (part time) since 2002 – 9 years teaching in MOE secondary school and currently still doing so. – 5 years teaching in International schools (Sweden)- College (2 years), Primary and Pre-school levels (3 years). Subject specialisation: – Upper Secondary Social Studies (9 years in Singapore) across Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical streams – Upper and Lower Secondary English (9 years in Singapore) across Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical streams – English as First Language to Native Speakers in international schools – Experienced in teaching online with ICT tools (Home-based learning programmes) eg. Nearpod lessons, Padlet discussions,etc. – Secondary 4 students whom I tutored attained distinctions for EL and SS – Taught middle school student from Canadian International who excelled in her project work 🔻 Tutor’s Timeslots availability : Weekends late morning and early afternoons Online Tutoring is welcomed too.
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