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I have more than 4 years of experience in teaching upper sec and JC chemistry. I had tutored more than 20 students , all of them showed at least 2 grade improvement before and after the lessons. Past students are coming from singapore chinese girls school, fairfield, serangoon garden, riverside, mayflower sec, whitley, Anglican high school, christchurch, etc.

teaching method:

1) Provide own notes in summary slide for easy revision with highlights on important concept to remember

2) provide important tips to answer exam paper and correct keywords to use for structured paper

3) MCQ/structured question taken from past year O level exam paper to gauge learning outcome at the end of each chapter slide

4) revision lesson with practice after few chapters to better visualize the linkage across chapters

5) continuous assessment after few lessons to track student improvement

6) adapt to student learning pace, can slow down if needed or can do quick revision for particular chapter if exam is around the corner

7) interactive class; student can ask any chemistry question throughout the classes, even if it is beyond O level

Additional information about myself:

1. Bronze metal (third place) in my master cohort of 150 students for my academic performance in University studies

2. Straight As student in O level exam

3. Passionate about teaching – great sense of achievement if the student succeeds

4. Chemistry expert – explain chemistry in simple and fun ways to learn better, relate chemistry to daily life practice

5. Use of diagram for better illustration during lessons 6. Trial of past year exam paper to learn how to score well

7. possess a tablet for drawing on the powerpoint on top of zoom function for online lesson

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