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The primary education system in Singapore is designed to provide a strong foundation for students in all academic areas. In addition to regular academic subjects, students also learn important life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. The primary education system in Singapore has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the world. This is due in large part to the high quality of teaching and the dedication of the educators who work in the system.

Many students might require additional resources to assist in learning from time to time. Learning support outside of school can come in the form of 1 to 1 Home Tuition Singapore. Engaging a capable tutor from #1 Tuition Agency Singapore like will help the student cope & excel academically. The Home Tuition Fees are Affordable & it is good to invest in Private Tuition early for best results. A Private Tutor for Primary Tuition from the Best Tuition Agency is essential for success.

Strive & Succeed

The structured system of Primary education provides students with a good foundation of formal education that ranks highly in the world. Singapore tends to be top for English & Math. Some might argue that it is not wise to subject young students to this level of academic rigour. There have been some changes but challenges still remains.

Excelling in Primary School does not come easy. It takes persistence, time & effort to be directed towards learning. To assist your child develop a deep understanding of the subjects, you should consider enrolling them in a quality 1 to 1 Primary Tuition. The Best Primary Tuition is available at Affordable Fees. The #1 Tuition Agency Singapore can assist you in this.

Difficulties faced by students

Achieving good grades in the Primary School requires more than just the simple exam preparation conducted weeks before the papers begin. It requires concerted effort, a good revision plan & plenty of practice. Time is of the essence as it takes months of consistent work. Building a good foundation early is the key to Primary School Success.

There are many reputable Private Tutors that offer Primary Tuition. In every case, it is wise to engage an Private Tutor early. This will provide enough time for the tutor to assess the student, deduce methods for improvement and build on existing strengths. Knowledge retention works best when the process is not hurried but allowed to mature naturally.

Onward to Success

To assist a student who is struggling to cope, it is best to engage a capable Primary Home Tutor. The face to face personal interaction allows for a tailored revision plan to be put in place for the individual student. It takes a Specialist Primary Tutor to design a feasible learning pathway that would ultimately lead to excellence .

Large classes leave many students unable to cope or even follow challenging subject content. . It is not easy for one classroom teacher to address all the concerns of 25 students or more. The Best Tuition Agency Singapore will be able to find you an effective Private Tutor to fill in all the learning gaps. Prompt action goes a long way towards proficiency in Primary School!

Discover Areas for Improvement

Tutor will assess student’s current state of subject proficiency. Strengths and areas for improvement are identified.

Devise Suitable Learning Plan

A tailored learning plan is designed. This will take into account student’s current academic stage & project it to the medium term.

Meld Learning & Understanding

Understanding is the key to academic success. Tutor will continuously monitor students’ level of proficiency.

Assess Student’s Continual Progress

Measurement ensures efficacy of the learning plan. Homework will consistently provide for active feedback

Target Points of Assessment

School-based Continual Assessment (CA) & Semestral Assessment (SA) will form target points for grade analysis.

Communication with Parents

Effective communication with parents. This holds the key to overall student well-being with academic success merely a component.

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How to prepare students for primary 1?

Advancing into Primary 1 from pre-school is a challenging endeavour. Many students will find this transition interesting and sometimes even exciting. Longer school days in a large school with hundreds of students is not the only difference from the relative comforts of Pre-School. The workload is more structured and the learning requirements seems to tilt towards more “learn” and less “play”.

Give your young ones some learning support in the form of Home Tuition. The tailored 1 to 1 instruction in Home Tuition provides much needed scaffold to enjoy learning through being proficient. It is quite hard to enjoy learning when school becomes a struggle. We always advse parents to start early so that students get comfortable to the rigours of the impending subject material.

How much does tuition cost in Singapore?

The cost for tuition in Singapore varies according to the tutoring level, tutor qualification & tutor experience. For Primary tuition, the range is between $25/hr to $80/hr.

What is affordable primary tuition in Singapore?

Our Primary tutors are normally A Level/Diploma holders, Undergraduates and Graduates. They have the experience and they provide affordable Primary Tuition in Singapore. We also have Ex & Current School Teachers who form the top tier in Primary Tuition, their rates are marginally higher. School Teachers are in very high demand as they are very well-versed in the current Primary subject syallabi and have access to top notch learning materials.

How much is primary tuition rate in Singapore?

Primary tuition rate in Singapore ranges from $25/hr for A Level/Diploma tutors to $80/hr for Current School Teachers. We are confident that we can find you the best tutor to fit your budget.

Why do we have the best primary tuition in Singapore?

We understand the rigours of the Primary curriculum. Our in-house tuition counsellors take charge of prescribing the best Primary tuition options that suits the IB students’ current academic requirements. Our tuition counsellors are all ex-school teachers who have been in the education service for more than 10 years.

Why primary tuition is important in Singapore?

Achieving good grades in Primary school requires more than just the simple exam preparation conducted weeks before the papers begin. It requires concerted effort, a good revision plan & plenty of practice. Time is of the essence as it takes months of consistent work to achieve success. Building a good foundation early is the key to success in Primary School.

It might be difficult for many students to handle the learning stresses on their own. It is therefore important to have a capable learning partner or a personal academic guide. Primary tuition with a capable tutor now becomes critical for success!

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