A Level Tuition

Junior College & Pre-University (Pre-U) students will sit for the A Level examinations at the end of two or three years. The rigour of the A Level curriculum is sometimes justified to be a prelude to University study. A Level Tuition is common among students as the subjects here are taught & examined in greater depth. Talk to us and we will assign a tutor that best suits all your pressing academic needs. For students in Junior College, there is only 18 months from Admission to A Levels. Time is of the essence so Leave us a Message.

Why A Level Tuition?

The A Level curriculum is rather compressed and many students struggle with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Math & Economics. Difficult concepts & probing exam questions is never good for the unprepared student. Within 3 months from JC admission, many students would have already reached a point where they have difficulty in 2 or more subjects. Don’t be in a bad situation!

Get an A Level tutor early! It would help to stay current in the latest topics being covered in school. Waiting to get a tutor just before exams would not work if the student has always been struggling with schoolwork.

Our A Level tutors are experienced & they know the struggles students are facing. Learn techniques to understand, dissect & assemble difficult concepts.

A Level Subjects

General Paper

Biology H1/H2/H3

Computer Science H1/H2

Theory of Knowlege

Economics H1/H2/H3

Malay H1

Mathematics H1/H2/H3

Chinese H1

Tamil H1

Further Mathematics

History H1/H2

Management of Business

Physics H1/H2/H3

Geography H1/H2

Accounting Principles

Chemistry H1/H2/H3

Literature H1/H2

Our A Level Tutors

Our A Level tutors are Undergraduates, Graduates & JC Lecturers. These are proficient individuals who have read related subjects at the University levels. Many are Subject Specialists in their own right. They only teach one or two subject at A Levels.

The teaching methodology involves presenting concepts in a clear manner. Students are required to take their own short notes to promote independent learning. Finally practice questions are assigned to assess the learning objectives.

Talk to us for A Level Tuition

Finally, the right tutor is one that understands the learning needs of the student. We have many tutors that fits this requirement. We need your input before we suggest suitable tutors. The more information we have, the easier it would be to provide a list of suitable tutors. Complete the Request a Quote form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. We will then start a conversation to help us better understand your needs. After that, you should be able to commence Home Tuition immediately.

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